Invictus Capital $10m Credit Increase Request

Hi TrueFi community,

We have been a consistent borrower from the platform since its inception. We have completed two borrows to date: one for $1mm which has already been repaid and another for $5mm which is to be repaid this coming Tuesday (16/2).

We would like to extend our borrowing to $10mm for 90 days in our next application. Nothing material has changed with our trading strategies or firm and we wish to continue to successfully build our credit record and reputation with the TrueFi community.

For background on our company please see our original post:


Hi @Invictus_Capital ! I fully support this but similarly to the latest requests, we would like to see interest rates closer to 15%, which is more in line with existing market conditions. This would also allow us to attract more capital flowing into the protocol, thus increasing our TVL and borrowing availability, which is critical as requested amounts are increasing across most of our borrowers. Hope this would be workable on your end and looking forward to building a long lasting relationship!

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I agree with the 15% rate. I support this if the rate is more in line with current rates.


@Invictus_Capital If we approve this would Invictus be able to help us with a public endorsement, both of our platform and our $TRU coin on their 1)Twitter account and other Social Media 2) issue a joint press release. Are there any other ways Invictus could help our marketing/bizdev efforts or help create more price action for our $TRU coin? Thanks guys


Increased interest rate necessary as demand for borrowing limits is rising. 15% interest rates is a good number.

I’d be happy to work with rates closer to 15% should this be approved. We would also be more than happy to issue a joint press release as we have been working with the team for a while.


awesome thanks @MG-TT let’s get that out over the wires…

Hi everyone, our loan application is now live with the updated APY at 15%. Please add your support here:

We will discuss with TrustToken the joint press release idea.


Hey guys - CEO of Invictus here, I gave a shout-out to TRU as a great example of a real DeFi usecase on the FTX podcast, should be coming out soon! Would appreciate it if you could vote for our latest loan application <3


Thanks @daniel . Appreciate the shout-out and you have my vote : :white_check_mark: