Nibbio - Credit Limit Increase

Hi TrueFi community,

Our initial loan with TrueFi is going perfectly well and is due to be repaid in less than 10 days!
We will obviously repay before (officially) apply for the new loan but wanted to anticipate the delays to get another credit line approved!

We are very excited to switch to a 90 days loan soon – which will be way more efficient for us.
Thanks @grapefruittrading :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We would like to extend our borrowing to $7mm for 90 days at 14.5% APY in our next application. Nothing material has changed with our trading strategies and we wish to continue to successfully build our credit record and reputation with the TrueFi community.

We are happy to promote the great benefits of TrueFi on our Twitter as well.

For background on our company please see our original post:

Thanks guys, and happy trading :v:

The APY of TUSD is 37.53% from AAVE for highly collaterized borrowing. As we are offering uncollaterised lending which provides your firm more flexibility, can we have slightly higher APY than 14.5%? Anyway, nice to cooperate with your firm.

Btw, do you forget to add a poll function in this post?

Nibbio Credit Limit Increase Request
  • Yes - Proceed with Request as is
  • Yes - Proceed but with adjustments (comment if so)
  • No - Leave credit as is

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Increased APY necessary

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Hi, APY needs to be more competitive, min 15% but higher will increase the approval odds. Great to have a returning borrower