Invictus Capital Credit Increase Request

Hi TrueFi community,

We are Invictus Capital, a cryptocurrency asset management company with over $70mm in assets under management (AUM). Along with our investment capabilities, our firm has an independent trading desk that engages in market making and market neutral trading strategies on a number of exchanges.

We have been one of the earliest users of the TrueFi platform and were the second firm to have a loan approved by the community. We recently repaid our initial $1mm loan (although it will only show up on the loan UI at the end of the lending period) and would like to expand our borrowing capacity.

We would like to request an increase in our credit limit to $5mm from the current $1mm and we wish to continue to develop a track record with the community in order to increase our borrowing capacity in the future.

For more detailed information about our firm and trading strategies, please see here our original application:

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Quick Update - Invictus has already successfully repaid their first $1mm 30 day loan: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Please indicate whether you would support Invictus’ request in the poll below:

**Increase Invictus Credit Limit to **:
  • $5mm
  • $3mm
  • Increase after one more successful loan repayment at current limit

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This is a tough one… I voted for $3mm because I think as a matter of principle the protocol is safer if borrowers ramp up slowly, but given Invictus’ strong reputation and track record I can definitely see arguments for letting them go up to $5mm.

Also, the protocol does have plenty of assets to lend out.