Alameda Research borrow request

Hi TrueFi Stakers,

We are Alameda Research, a full-service crypto trading firm offering an institutional-grade OTC RFQ system, fiat support, and near-universal coverage of cryptocurrency products.

Our trading strategies are primarily arbitrage, medium timescale quant strategies, market making, and we have a market-neutral mandate. We have been longtime users of TUSD, acting as one of the coin’s largest market makers across all exchange venues.

We are the first borrower on TrueFi and are looking to expand our usage of the platform substantially in the future. The total amount we have loaned so far is $15mm, with $5mm of it successfully repaid and $10mm currently outstanding.

We are requesting a credit limit of $25mm TUSD. As we continue to build a track record of creditworthiness on Truefi, it is likely we will come back to request for a higher limit.


100% support this request. Alameda has been one of the biggest supporters of TrueFi. We should all feel incredibly lucky for their support and help in getting this platform off the ground!


I agree, 100% support!

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I would recommend increasing the interest percentage of this loan seeing as this will definitely reduce the existing liquidity of the lending pool. Other than that, I support this borrower