Kbit Global Borrowing Request

Hi TrueFi Community,

My name is Ed Tolson and I am the founder of Kbit Global Ltd, a market making and high-frequency crypto trading firm. I have a 20 year career in applying computer science to algorithmic trading. I founded Kbit in 2017 and most recently before that I worked as the Director of Trading Technology at Citadel. Kbit has been performing spot market making and high-frequency strategies in the crypto space since 2017 and we are active on most of the large crypto spot markets.

To start our borrowing relationship, we are looking to borrow $1mm for 60-days at 16.0%.

Our trading strategy is fully automated and runs 24/7/365. We capture repeatable sources of alpha including from the bid/offer spread, short-term price fluctuations caused by supply/demand imbalances, and sustained dislocations resulting in arbitrage opportunities. We’ve been consistently profitable since 2017 in up and down markets.

We’ve been working directly with the TrustToken team since 2019, first as a dedicated market maker on TUSD and now on both TUSD and TRU. If you’ve bought or sold TRU on a centralized exchange, there’s a good chance we were on the other side of that trade.

As a proprietary trading firm, we don’t spend much time on marketing or PR and hence have a pretty low profile, but you can see a little more information here about me on LinkedIn and Twitter (I’m being restricted on putting multiple links in this post so will provide links via a comment). You can also find this interview I did with Binance’s CFO, Wei Zhou in August of 2019 and this interview with Nomics in July 2019.

Thanks for your consideration,


Here are the LinkedIn and Twitter links.

This looks great to me :+1:

I’m in favor of this :+1:t2:

Kbit Borrow Request
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@kbit - wonderful to have you on the platform and would like to get a loan going with you ASAP. You have my full support.

Great to have you here Kbit!