Wintermute Trading 2nd borrow request

Following the test loan of 1 million we did last month and having repaid it in full with interest, we would like to borrow 10,000,000 TUSD at 12% for 90 days

Our original request with all the details:

We are continuing to grow, which was further reinforced recently with a recent $20 mln Series B funding led by Lightspeed Ventures with strong participation from Pantera

As always excited to work with TrueFi and looking forward to growing together!


@Wintermute Hi guys, you’re obviously a trusted repeat user of the platform. We could use your help getting the word out there about our TRU coin and platform. If our community votes yes on this and gets you approved would Wintermute be willing to 1) issue a tweet aboutTrueFi (TRU coin) saying that they’ve taken a loan on our platform (or something more general is fine as well-Wintermute has partnered with TrueFi for uncollateralized lending) and 2) can TrueFi issue a press release announcing the issuance of the loan or partnership to Wintermute? If Wintermute is willing to endorse us and help us get the word out about TrueFi and our TRU token, in particular, I think it’s a win-win for both parties and we should consider giving Wintermute a revolving line of credit /quick approval (preferred status) like we have done for other top borrowers. What do others in our community think about this idea or what other things could Wintermute help us out with? For those of you who don’t know Wintermute is a large market maker for exchanges like Coinbase, Huobi, Binance, etc.

Yes to both, were planning to do exactly that:)


Excellent, you have my support to put this to vote. Congrats on the recent funding from LIghtspeed and Pantera

same here, you have my support if put to a vote.

i support this. please help us with getting the word out.