Loan Voting Questions from a crypto Noob

Hi, I am new to TruFi and crypto in general, but love this company. I have purchased and staked a little over 16,000 Tru and an interesting in investing more in the future and as I learn about the company and how to use the platform. I am currently the CDO of an equipment finance company and have worked in such capacity with multiple financial products through my career. With that, I am very interested in using my knowledge in underwriting to vote on Tru loan applications, but am having trouble finding information on/figuring out how the actual voting process works and what I’m doing with my staked TRU. I apologize in advance if these questions are “basic” or “obvious,” but all I know about Tru and crypto in general, I’ve had to figure out myself with no help. Thanks for your time and I’d really appreciate the help.

1-As staked I have staked my TRU and see where I can vote YES or NO on a loan application. When I vote YES or NO on a particular loan, does that lock the staked TRU I use to vote for the duration of the loan or loan process? Example: If I vote YES with all of my staked TRU for a 90 day loan that is approved, does that mean I cannot unstake my TRU for 90 days or until that loan is complete?

2- It seems as though there is a reward to claim from a loan you vote on. Is this true, is there a reward you can claim for voting on loans that is separate from the reward you receive from being staked? If so, what is that reward and how is it determined? I’ve noticed the cost in gas for voting YES or NO on a loan is about $20, and I imagine claiming your reward is about the same. I might vote even if this is a losing proposition as I’d like to support the platform, but I’d like to understand what happens before I do it, and simply can’t find an in depth breakdown anywhere.

3-When you vote YES or NO on a loan application does the staked TRU you use to vote still earn the interest it’s currently earning for being staked? Sorry if this seems obvious, but I’m actually not sure if you are still earning the near 55% when you vote with your staked TRU

4-If you vote YES on a loan with your staked TRU and that loan defaults is your risk of loss any greater than it is when you have not used your staked TRU to vote? My understanding is that if you have staked TRU and a loan defaults you can lose up to 10% of your staked TRU. Is that correct? And if you vote on a loan that defaults, can you lose all of the staked TRU you voted with?

5-When you vote on a loan with staked TRU, does that staked TRU now leave my wallet?

6- As far as finding information on these loans go, so you can research the company, I see that a lot of information is posted on this medium. Is there a place I can see how TRUs underwriting model scored it? I see the contract details, but am not sure how to view that information. Basically I’m asking the best place to find information on the loan request, so I can do due diligence

Thank you for your time. I’m genuinely considering investing a lot more into true, but really need to understand more before I do. Thanks so much.

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1/3 Voting with your staked TRU does not prevent the TRU from being unstaked or from earning normal rewards.

2 There is a separate reward for staking but it is pretty small; at the amount of TRU you have staked it will probably not be worth the gas to claim the reward. See more details described in the discord.

4 When a loan defaults, all TRU stakers lose equally, regardless of what/whether they voted.

5 No

6 Not sure what you mean by “TRUs underwriting model” - we don’t have an explicit credit model yet (though one will be launched for phase 3)

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