Borrow Request #1

Hey TrueFi community,

We are, a high-frequency quantitative crypto trading firm, recognizable by our dragonfly logo and our hot takes on Twitter (@mgnr_io). was founded by a team of two in 2019 with the goal of using innovative quantitative research and rigorous engineering to stomp out inefficiencies in the market and provide liquidity for retail and institutions alike. We take a quantitative and empirical approach to the markets, with our decisions grounded in science / data.

Our humble beginnings take us back to simpler times on BitMex, where our first iterations of delta neutral market-making algos were born. Since then, we have expanded to all the major crypto exchanges where we trade a variety of spot and derivatives instruments for the most popular cryptocurrencies 24 / 7 / 365. If you’ve traded on [exchange] in the past, chances are we were your counterparty :slight_smile:

Today, we are a team of 10, bringing trading and engineering expertise from various known entities such as Goldman Sachs and MIT. In addition, at the start of 2021 we partnered with the family office of a large hedge fund, Millennium Management, as their entry to the crypto asset space.

Some quick stats about us to help instill trust in our creditworthiness:

  • 9 figure AUM
  • over $1B trading volume per day
  • consistently profitable in all market regimes since inception
  • have 7-figure lines of credit with multiple exchanges
  • continuously on multiple exchange leaderboards (though always set to private :p)

To kick off our borrowing relationship, we are asking to borrow 10mm for 90 days at a rate of 17%.

Primary use-case for the funds will be to expand our delta neutral market-making strategies.

Happy to answer any questions or discuss terms. We’re excited to become an active part of this community!

Feel free to say hi on twitter (@mgnr_io), or reach us via email (


Thanks for posting and for your tweet! Have you gone through KYC, etc. yet? (see: About the Borrower Requests category)

Feel free to dm me on Telegram w/ questions and I can help you through the process. I DM’d you my TG name on Twitter DMs

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Welcome to the future of France <3

League of legends: Alameda, Wintermute, Nibbio, Folkvang, Amber and now borrowing here is a strong proof of how Truefi is useful for market participants.

@ryan.rodenbaugh we vouch for the MIT and Goldman Sachs guys :wink: ahah


Thanks @KevinNibbio would lend my grandmother’s retirement savings to anyone on that list :wink:

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Thanks @ryan.rodenbaugh - DM’d

Wintermute vouches for as well, which should mean something given we are competitors:) They are a great team and would be a great addition to truefi lender portfolio!


Hi all - please refer to our revised request here.

Welcome . For the first loan, I would recommend approving a smaller amount of < 2 million to build trust before going for a bigger credit like 10 mm.