Kronos Borrow Request

Hi TrueFi Community!

We are from Kronos, a leading quantitative crypto investment manager dedicated to solving complex problems through cutting edge technology and rigorous research.

And we are also excited to become members of this community!

About us

At the heart of Kronos is our robust trading and research infrastructure which allows world class researchers to build, test, and trade advanced machine learning / AI models trained on large volumes of proprietary market data to capitalize on the best opportunities.

Our edge in alpha research (intelligent algos) enable us to provide liquidity to global participants at competitive prices while generating robust returns for our stakeholders, regardless of market conditions.

Use of funds

We are looking forward to borrowing USDT to be used as leverage for our trading strategies. Since our trading strategies generates high sharp ratios, the risk of utilizing leverage is mitigated.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or clarifications, we’re glad to answer and give clarity to them!

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Welcome to TrueFi Kronos! WOOttt