Planned Smart Contract Upgrades

Hi, tonight we will be making an upgrade to the TrueFi Smart contract suite. This upgrade adds a liquid exit feature allowing for increased liquidity for TFI-LP holders when there is TUSD available in the pol. This upgrade also fixes a bug in TFI-LP price calculation when a loan has been repaid, but not set as closed in the pool contract.

The following changes are going into effect:

  • Stop using infinite approval in curve
  • Remove whitelist from TrueLender and require LoanTokens are deployed by borrower instead
  • Fix loans value calculation (in LoanToken & TrueLender)
  • Add cooldown on exit to prevent arbitrage
  • Treat year as 365 days
  • Add limit to total number of loans in TrueLender (100)
  • Add view method for claimable and claimed rewards
  • Restrict loan funding to lender
  • Fix distributions after empty() was called
  • Prevent borrower from repaying with surplus
  • Add liquidWithdraw mechanism
  • Add reclaim function to LoanToken
  • Added arg validation and events
  • Set burn & loss factor in accordance with spec
  • Set slippage for withdrawing from curve

Below are the new smart contracts:

TrueFiPool: Contract Address 0x3Fe853e7E5f78C00405fC80DAF7f7baDE2E53E46 | Etherscan
LoanFactory: Contract Address 0x979D49C4813CD68005df1c97c05365bbaE76550D | Etherscan
TrueRatingAgency: Contract Address 0x57FeA15015C8f0Fd35B3A25f57A75a94656B1769 | Etherscan
TrueLender: Contract Address 0xBF172BE09325612392a41a0D8a5d8ee6aB895f95 | Etherscan


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What is the cooldown period on exit set to right now?

@hal on I see three active pools. Can you please share etherscan links for these three pools?