Proposed Upgrades to TrueFi Smart Contract Suite

The TrustToken team is proposing a few upgrades to the TrueFi smart contracts. These upgrades include some minor issues raised in the original audit, plus some view functions to enable easier incorporation of new features into the front end.

We are looking for a vote from the community to make these upgrades this week. Feel free to look through the diffs on-chain and if anyone has an issues with the upgrades, please vote against this proposal and explain why in the comments below.


Here are some of the important changes being made to the contracts:

  • Incorporate better logic for moving funds in/out of curve
  • Minor changes to Loan structure
  • Create a view function to return claimable balance
  • Fix edge cases raised in audit

Here is a link to the original audits from SlowMist and our independent auditor Jakub Wojciechowski:


Hal, Lead Blockchain Engineer

Should the TrueFi Smart Contracts be Upgraded?
  • Move forward with upgrades
  • Do not upgrade

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