Stuck in TGBP, crypto dot com delisted and no way to get my GBP back

There is over £10M of TGBP issued as per on-chain stats, with 1456 holders. There is no way to redeem TGBP for the underlying GBP that I deposited into crypto dot com as they delisted all pairs.

TrustToken / Archblock has an obligation to honor redemptions of TGBP for the underlying GBP. How can I get my money back from TrustToken Archblock?

I have been chasing customer support for months, coming up to over a year now. There are thousands of customers in the same position. Here is someone who posted a youtube video explaining the issues we are having contacting you guys.

Please help, provide guidance or instruction of what we can do.

If we are now involuntarily creditors of the Prime Trust bankruptcy at least let us know how to follow proceedings so we can understand when we are going to get paid out. We have received zero information from you, this is highly unprofessional and for sure is illegal to serve UK customers in this way as a financial product.

Hi Harry,

Just watched the video and I am sorry to learn more about the situation. Unfortunately, this is not the right forum for this conversation.

TrueFi and Archblock (fka TrustToken) are at this point independent of each other. Their personnel are not active on these forums, other than maybe in a personal capacity.

If you are not getting support from customer service, I see that if you go to the Archblock about page, you can email the executive team directly as their emails are provided. I also did a quick search to see if they had made any public statements about the status of TGBP, but I did not see anything.