Wavebridge Borrow Request

Dear TrueFi community,

Wavebridge is a Korean based FinTech company focused on providing one-stop trading solutions for users who are interested in algorithmic trading within the cryptocurrency markets. Our solutions derive from our quantitative trading experience within the broader markets which have helped us understand the needs of our customers.

Wavebridge was founded in 2018 with a team of experienced quants who had previously actively traded within the financial markets. As the team grew its trading book, the firm shifted its focus to providing trading solutions due to the lack of resources in the young cryptocurrency market. The current team’s previous firms include, Mirae Asset, Korea Investment Securities, KB Securities, Deutche Bank, Citibank amongst others. Currently the firm employs over 40 people where half of the employees are quants.

Within the markets, Wavebridge is one of the leaders in cryptocurrency trading within Korea and has swiftly gained a strong reputation for being reliable and resourceful. As the firm looks to expand abroad, Wavebridge is looking to grow further in order to improve its main product, AlphredPro, and further expand on other financial instruments.

An overview of Wavebridge’s trading activities include

  • ~$50 million USD AUM
  • Top trading team in Korea by volume
  • Strategies include:
    • Spot / Derivative Arbitrage
    • Market Making
    • Market Neutral Strategies
    • Beta Strategies
    • DeFi

The terms we are looking for are as follows:

  • Loan amount: $1MM
  • Term: 60 days
  • Rate: 17%

The main usage of the funds are to expand our trading to TUSD pairs and some High-Frequency Trading.

Thank you and please let us know if there are any questions.



I would vote in favor of this.

I would also vote yes

The borrowing amount and rate are reasonable considering the background of your company. I would vote for it.

Wavebridge team, do you have a relationship with any of our current borrowers that could perhaps serve as a referral? This would be a helpful data point for the community as well. Thank you!

  • Yes, approve Wavebridge and allow TrueFi to commence review
  • No, decline participation at this time.

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