Blockwater Borrow Request

Dear TrueFi Community,

Blockwater is the largest and most profitable crypto trading company in Korea, building and deploying top-notch trading strategies through our quantitative, statistical analysis of the cryptocurrency market. Blockwater was founded in 2017 with a team of experienced traders who have traded on various markets including FX, equities, bonds, and derivatives. Current team’s backgrounds include some financial firms like Mirae Asset, Kiwoom Securities, National Pension Service (largest fund in KR), as well as IT companies like Samsung, Kakao, Naver. Combination of our financial and IT expertise gives us an edge to the market.

Overview of our trading strategies on 30+ exchanges

  • Statistical Arbitrage
  • HFT market making strategies on rebates
  • Beta Portfolio
  • Long/Short (Momentum, Mean Reversion, Text Mining)
  • Machine Learning
  • Premium Extraction (Spot to futures, Korean Spot to overseas futures, between Defi protocols)
  • Defi Yield Farming

Risk Management
We control our risk by statiscally managing market exposure and diversification. The market exposure is systemically handled by the cash and long/short ratio, while diversification is handled by non-linearity of market cohesion.

Partnership with Bithumb
We’re close working partner of Bithumb- real big market maker on Bithumb and one of the few certified borrowers on Bithumb with consistent history paying back the loans (No.1 가상자산 플랫폼, 빗썸)

  • Borrowed and REPAID 15 loans per size of 30 - 70 BTCs each in last 8 months

VC Investment Arm
Blockwater also has a VC investment arm that actively invested and advised some great projects from Korea such as Fantom, Bifrost, Metadium, and Playdapp. We are proud to be recognized by global rankings firm Chambers & Partners as a leading venture capital in Korea- but the loan will go to our quant division and put to good use. (VC division will not borrow capital from TrueFi)

Regulated Asset Management
We also have a similar service to BlockFi targeting Korean demographic called Uupfi is an asset management platform servicing crypto holders in safely depositing their assets while earning interest. We are preparing to acquire Virtual Asset Service Provider license that will become effective in late September per new legislation. We are working full steam to offer regulated and transparent digital asset management services to Korean retail and regulated financial institutions (banks and brokerages) that wants to dip into crypto.

We are currently managing 50M+ assets, just friends and family. We’re in the process of finalizing a Cayman regulated hedge fund for offering, which we’re targeting to launch in July. To my knowledge, I think we have been the most profitable trading company out of Korea since 2017. (Even excluding 2017 records, I still think we’ve done pretty well.)

Looking for some sizable loans in the future (planning to start off small), and hopefully we can build a great relationship with the community. Looking forward to any feedback or comments. Feel free to reach out anytime.

Appreciate it guys!


Hi Isaacley, Thanks for considering Truefi, we’d love to have you guys as a borrower@! :raised_hands:

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Thanks for the comment and support! Would love to build a long-term relationship with TrueFi :slight_smile:

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  • Yes, approve Blockwater as a borrower on TrueFi
  • No, decline participation on the protocol at this time

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