Poloniex Borrow 2nd Request

Hey folks,

We did a test loan of 2 million last month and had host quite a few marketing events between Poloniex and Truefi including Poloniex Livestream AMA NOW with TrueFi CEO, Rafael Cosman. The community was very enthusiastic for the events.

We would like to request to borrow 10,000,000 TUSD at 16.8% for 90 days.

We are expanding our international market and continue to add more attractive projects and trading pairs to Poloniex. We think with this additional funding we could flow it back to the community and nourish the eco-system for this exciting bull market.

As always excited to work with TrueFi and looking forward to growing together!
Our original request with all the details:[ Poloniex Borrow Request](Poloniex Borrow Request - #15 by Poloniex)

Poloniex Team

Appreciate the size will be off putting for some, support from me.

Should of added, once the original loan is paid up.

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i support this but we need more marketing efforts from Poloniex. More tweets about the relationship, maybe a good sized trading competition. The exchange benefits from these types of loans. Let’s push for more marketing efforts to bring more awareness to the Truefi Protocol.

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Hey Polo team, thank you very much for the request. At this time the size seems a bit large (the protocol only has about 9mm to loan out right now, so some fraction of that might be appropriate) and also the rate is a bit lower than we’ve been hearing from other borrowers (often in the 18%+ range).

We do love the engagement we’ve had together around TUSD and TRU, and are looking forward to continuing it. Also, given how much we will all benefit from growing the lending pool, I would love to look into offering TrueFi lending as an option for TUSD holders directly on Poloniex. This would be an amazing way to increase usage of both TUSD and TRU on Polo- they could enable lending on their TUSD balance on Polo and immediately start earning 50-70% APY! It’s also something that we could promote together and drive a lot more traffic to Poloniex.

With more capital in the lending pool, we’d also be able to do larger loans with you.

Let us know what you think!


Thanks for the response and the idea shared. We will talk about it internally and get back to you.

Hey, All-in-all, Poloniex has had a rocky past but has managed to maintain a relatively good reputation in spite of this. The exchange offers a great range of features, excellent volume, and asset variety — but its terrible customer service and lack of fiat options may be just too much for many users to accept.