Celsius Borrow Request

Hi TrueFi Community -

We are Celsius Network, a leading retail savings platform for interest-bearing and borrowing accounts with fiat on-ramp, as well as a market-leading lending provider. Celsius Network operates on a community-first mandate, giving 80% of its revenue back to its users in the form of additional earnings on saving and borrowing. Combining attractive interest rates, low fees, and a strong community, the platform has experienced considerable growth since inception with over 1 million registered users and $20+ Billion in assets held in the platform.

We are looking to borrow up to 8.5mm USDC for 30 days at a rate of 9.33% and will seek to increase this amount as we establish credit history with TrueFi and the community.

Use of proceeds will be general working capital to continue to scale our institutional and retail lending business

Website: https://celsius.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/celsiusnetwork


Welcome to TrueFi Celsius!

As a Celsius user and TrueFi member - welcome :wave:

Welcome guys! Glad to have you here :wave:

Welcome to TrueFi, and thrilled to see a long-time friend and partner of TrustToken coming onboard. Would love to work together more deeply - I believe the opportunities for collaboration between the two companies, as well as the protocol, are myriad.

I’m in favor of approving Celsius as a borrower.

I am in favor of this loan…but not sure how to go about pooling my tokens.


Yes, love seeing Celcius jump into TrueFi! :ok_hand:

did the temperature just go up a few degrees or is it just me? :rofl: