Proposal: Delete TrueFi Discord


I propose that we delete (semi-delete) TrueFi Discord making this forum main way for community members to communicate while having Telegram channel open for support requests.

Semi-deletion would archive all channels and leave info on #start-here channel pointing to correct communication channels ( and TG for support).


Assessing last year of Discord activity one can clearly see:

  • lots of spam
  • low engagement on posts by the Team
  • stark contrast between merit-based content on and what is happening on Discord…
  • there are examples of frustration caused by lack of instant response by the team which considering the rest of issues seems understandable - no one wants to have notifications / check Discord regularly just to see that they just got distracted by spammer that is looking to scam people(97% of times…).

We have tried re-organising Discord structure but that did not help. We see other projects turning off their Discord and we might follow their footsteps.


Agree… i think Telegram would be nice justfor me

A fully decentralized platform without a Discord server doesn’t seem right and I don’t think there’s any project that practiced decentralization in web3 without Discord (I stand to be corrected).

If there are issues such as spamming, the team should solve it, not run away. One way is to increase the security features of the server. All these scammers are everywhere, on all servers, but are curtailed in some ways. This is not a TrueFi perculiar problem. There are bots that have serious security measures for accounts on Discord which can be very helpful.

Thirdly, lack of interaction or low engagement from the community is also a problem the team can and should fix, not run away from. Prior to full decentralization, Discord was active with better engagement, so what happened? That’s a question the team should find answers to. The community is a greater part of the project than any other part, even the team itself, and thus, must be paid greater attention than its currently receiving on TrueFi.

Telegram also has its own type of scammers and spammers, it’s not free if them.


Agree with @SolexJ1000, engagement is low because team refuse to use it. Every other crypto project uses Discord and teams actively manage it fine. I would like to have examples of other projects turning off their discords. Chainlink run hackathons from discord, I see Convex, Curve, Uniswap, Synthetix, Liquity, Synapse, The Graph, Blur, Axelar, Defillama, Defisaver, Osmosis, Kwenta, all actively engaging with the community (to name a few large names in defi).

Sounds like a team problem rather than a tool problem. Not quite sure why the team is refusing to engage via Discord either. Seems like a case “we tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas”.

As for suggestions, I gave it 6 months ago but was met with “Team is happy to do one on one demos for future plans”. Not very engaging with the community. Also the posts that are posted by the team are trivial DAO posts like “Change stkTRU cooldown” or “Add role” or “Adjust rewards”. These are fiddling with dials that arguably does not need to be DAO voted, especially when these are operational tasks that shouldn’t really fall under governance. What kind of community engagement does the team hope to achieve from these proposals?

There’s no campaigns to drive engagement, no community tasks like Galaxe or Zealy, no upcoming features being released, no monthly stats and reports, no plans about the future, no actual governance proposals. These initiatives should not be done by the community when the product is being managed by an external company. Delphi Labs, for example, drive engagement through NFTs and initiate government proposals to approve new features and resource allocation. This is what I would consider the absolute minimum amount of community engagement to drive growth, yet Truefi fails to do that.

I realise this is a scathing review, for sure, but as a long term investor from early 2021 I am both disappointed and unsurprised at the current state of Truefi and I refuse to put my time into a project until I see effort being applied by the team that currently manages it (other than writing the occasional forum/discord post when I check for updates).


I disagree. Most, if not all web3/crypto projects I’m involved with use Discord as their primary communication/community engagement tool and I expect that most people in this space would view TrueFi as an outlier if there was no Discord server to engage with.

I think the lack of engagement is two fold: (1) with the wind-down of the DAO pools which historically drove most of the activity on TrueFi, there really hasn’t been all that much to engage with (as the community); (2) there has been a material lack of engagement from the “team.”

On 1 - with the recent launch of the Adapt3r Treasury Fund there should be some new traction for the community to re-engage. At the very least, the community should be reaching out to DAOs and other web3/crypto projects they’re involved with to see if this opportunity would fit within their treasury management profile.

On 2 - the team does need to do a better job at using Discord to communicate not only what is currently going on with the protocol, but also what the team needs from the community. The team should not be the sole driver of protocol development but should help provide a “north star” vision for where the protocol may need to go, with the community’s assistance.

Decentralization of protocol governance necessitates active communication from those working on the protocol. The team and the community need an easy forum to do that, and Discord has shown to be the forum of choice in this space for that communication.


FRAX stands out as the project I most closely follow that uses Telegram over Discord. Also, Nouns famously deleted their Discord. Outside of that, I think many projects such as Uniswap have Discords, but their core teams do not actually engage there.

Scams are one thing, but I actually think the problem with our Discord is there is a lot of “low signal” communications.

I have Telegram, Email, Slack, Discord, Twitter, Forum, and a bit of Signal all related to work/TrueFi. There is certainly a sense of being flooded with information and if I then have to spend time filtering out useless comms, It just makes venues like Discord more stressful to engage with.

I don’t think our Discord engagement has been good for a long time, but especially it has been bad after the NFT campaign that lead to a flood of users who (in reality) did not know much about the project, not care about the project… just wanted a free NFT.

I deeply respect our token holders and am happy to speak with them at any time. I am extremely easy to get in touch with. When people reach out with 121 questions, I think I reply pretty quickly. It’s just that I don’t particularly see that happening on Discord.

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For what it’s worth – no share to platforms like Galaxe, which I think are great in their own right – I think it’s these types of campaigns that actually kind of ruined our Discord. At this point things have quieted down, but for some time there was a flood of spam “gm” and such in the Discord from people who wanted a free NFT.

I’d personally rather have a much smaller community of highly engaged, high context community members who make valuable suggestions (you, for example when you were engaged with us) than thousands of low context people flooding the discord.

I agree this might not “move the needle” for the business of the protocol, but in most of these cases from a technical / on-chain perspective these DO need to be DAO voted since they require changes that only DAO governance can put into effect.

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This is true.

However, Adapt3r (or likely most things launched going forward) probably will not lead to or require the same kind of engagement as the DAO pools did since (in general) probably everything going forward will be permissioned or have high minimums (in the case of Adapt3r, 100k USDC minimum).

This wasn’t my POV going in, but now that you mentioned it… TrueFi is not like
most other web3/crypto projects as it takes a much stronger institutional lens and has always been driven by large and more institutional users.

As I have said in earlier comments, my (metaphorical) door is always open. My Twitter and Telegram are both just my full name. If anyone has ideas, we are genuinely always open to them.

There are several members who reach out to me / Wallfacer regularly with ideas we do chase down ( @ppg comes to mind as someone who just reached out to me recently and caused me to have a call with a prospective DeFi partner).


I am banning 1-2 spammers a day from our Discord. All the efforts to bring conversation there are shadowed by the quality of the service. I think we could have same disccussions here and there is no need for Discord. The one time we had someone actually try to contribute on Discord we found out they are just pasting outputs from ChatGPT and performed rage quit after being called out

@deif I see you frequently on Gravita Discord, I am a community member there myself. The reason this Discord is so active is basically an expectations of the token drop… and an ability for users to actually interact with the protocol which we can’t offer to our users in current environment - good points by @ryan.rodenbaugh in his reply to @MediciCrypto on why this is the case.

Having said that I agree Gravita team is great at engagement and being active there. I just do not think this is a fit for us.

Btw it is a pleasure to see you guys engaging here @MediciCrypto @deif @SolexJ1000

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1-2 spammers a day … must be hard work for you :sweat_smile: Can you not find any other solutions rather than deleting Kaimi? Im sure if you put in some time youll find a way to organise it better.

I dont think it should be deleted. I think it needs some thought on how to try to make it work rather than just quiting because “its too difficult”.

You got this Kaimi


You guys also need to stay on top of dead linksđź‘Ť
All the work put into building and you drop the ball on lauching the products.

Twitter Post

TrueFi is thrilled to share our newest portfolio launch with Adapt3r Digital (@Adapt3rDigital).

Adapt3r provides investors with on-chain access to US Treasury Bill yield.

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FYI The redirect to live offering was added: