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Key Info:

Delegate Address: 0xbc360AA8E9b82cD5466Bb9a1Efe80604a067258f
Delegate ENS: truefi.wallfacerlabs.eth
Forum: Profile - WallfacerLabs - TrueFi
Website: https://wallfacer.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wallfacerlabs
Email: gm@wallfacer.io

Delegate Statement:

Brief Introduction:

Wallfacer Labs is a crypto research and development company. We build and govern crypto protocols.

Many of our teammates have been involved with TrueFi since before it was even a fully-formed idea. Today the Wallfacer Labs is comprised of a team capable of all core smart contract development for TrueFi along with business, product, and governance contributors.

Wallfacer Labs employs several key TrueFi contributors including Ryan Rodenbaugh (business), Bartek Rutkowski (product), Justyna Broniszewska (engineering), Tyler Wallfacer (business), Kaimi (product), Codeknight (governance and business). We also intend to directly employ an additional 11 engineers and will be able to fully take over responsibility for all core TrueFi protocol development beginning in April 2023.

Wallfacer expertise spans across the business needs of the protocol, detailed engineering and product considerations, and also includes members like Codeknight who have governance experience at other protocols such as MakerDAO.

Demonstrated Contributions:

In addition to Wallfacer already being in charge of all core software development of TrueFi, its members are some of the most active participants in TrueFi’s nascent governance.

And you can see additional contributions by looking at the profiles of Codeknight, Ryan, and Tyler.

Product and Engineering Contributions:

Credit Vaults (Deployed, waiting for the first customer)

With the recent deployment of Structured Credit Vaults, TrueFi has the best credit infrastructure of any protocol on the market. TrueFi can support multi-tranche portfolios and early withdrawals along with many other features. Our “controller” interface design on credit vaults enables high configurability on TrueFi, and we believe we can satisfy nearly all manager feature requests we’ve heard to date. Additionally, these vaults are ERC-4626 compatible, meaning that lenders and other services can easily integrate and build on top of TrueFi.

For a demo and more details, visit Manage - TrueFi Docs

Fund of Funds (late stages of development)

We’re finishing development work on Index Vaults, ERC-4626 vaults that can hold LP tokens in any tranche of Structured Credit Vaults. This opens doors for

  • DAO-managed pools can be built in this structure
  • Index vaults could hold LP tokens in multiple Structured Credit Vaults
  • Index vaults could hold LP tokens in multiple Asset Vaults (see below for more detail)

Asset Vaults (in spec)

We’re in the process of finalizing the specs of a product that changes the whole game on the “debt” side of vaults. We’re calling this product an “asset vault”, and its manager, the“asset manager”.

This product is focused on “Adapt3r”-like customers that are managing 1000s of debt instruments off-chain. We’ve spoken with multiple asset managers who want to represent more dynamic assets (floating rate products, ETFs) that do not fit cleanly into our existing loan structures.

This approach directly opens our protocol for new groups of customers, as with these assumptions we’re able to support many, very different features that are being needed by Managers.

Governance Contributions

Additionally, Tyler, Codeknight, and Ryan are the three most engaged members of the forum as measured by both “Posts Read” and

As sorted by time read, they are 1, 2, and 4th most engaged.

Core Values:

  • Simplicity - Governance processes should be transparent and easy to understand.
  • Sustainable decentralization - TrueFi bridges the on-chain and off-chain worlds and as such has many “human in the loop elements”. While taking this into account we aim to decentralize as many elements of the protocol and minimize the need for human interaction.
  • Stakeholder representation - As engaged community members and stakeholders, we are setting up this platform to best represent the interest of tokenholders.

Conflicts of Interest:

Wallfacer Labs may engage as a delegate on other protocols. It will avoid direct competitors.

Waiver of Liability:

By delegating to Wallfacer Labs, you acknowledge and agree that Wallfacer Labs will participate in TrueFi governance on a best-effort basis and will not be liable for any form of damages related to participation in the TrueFi protocol.