TrueFi delegate list

Below is a list of current TrueFi governance delegates.
To be added to this list, please follow guidelines in How to become a TrueFi governance delegate.

Governance delegate platforms

Name Address Forum link Tally link
CodeKnight (fka Rattlecage) 0x46dFcBc2aFD5DD8789Ef0737fEdb03489D33c428 Rattlecage Delegate Platform Tally | rattlecage.eth
Hal Feewet 0x25Eb8e48Af083b7db8E590Cfc56Eea2Ad1306E52 [Delegate] Hal Feewet Delegation Tally | Hal Feewet
MediciCrypto 0x51ae5A026d6aDF7d33F7C215CdD893866020aba2 MediciCrypto Delegate Proposal Tally | 0x51ae...aba2
TChairman 0xBb629C1c966326247a8cf136a244A2aF1EF4B236 TChairman Delegate Platform Tally | tchairman.eth
Wallfacer Labs 0xbc360AA8E9b82cD5466Bb9a1Efe80604a067258f [Delegate] Wallfacer Labs Tally | Wallfacer Labs
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