How to become a TrueFi governance delegate

About TrueFi governance and on-chain voting
On-chain governance plays a critical function in the TrueFi ecosystem, maintaining ownership of key TrueFi smart contracts and the DAO’s treasury funds.

Ecosystem participants can vote in on-chain governance by staking TRU and then, delegating stkTRU voting power to themselves or to another address.

TRU holders and stakers can find delegates and their platforms by looking on the forum here, or on Tally.

:ballot_box: How to become a delegate
If you would like to put forth a delegate platform for stkTRU voting, please post your delegate platform in the Governance-meta section following the template below:

Key Delegate Information

Delegate Wallet Address:
Forum username:
Discord username:
Other links (if needed):

Delegate Statement

[share a bit about yourself, your platform, and core values here]

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Staking TRU has seen significant developments recently.

Would it be worthwhile to create an updated post/article summarising the recent developments in TrueFi staking and how do these changes redefine the concept of staking TrueFi tokens and adding a link within this post.

Or does post link below include all the most recent developments? If so, the dead links should be updated on this page also.