Rattlecage Delegate Platform

Key Info

Name: Rattlecage

Delegate Address: 0x46dFcBc2aFD5DD8789Ef0737fEdb03489D33c428

Forum: @Rattlecage

Discord: CodeKnight#2566

Core Values

Stakeholder Representation

Developing a sustainable, safe system

Data driven decision making

Delegate Statement

I have been involved with Truefi since January 2021, both through lending and providing feedback on the protocol and governance. My objectives are to build a sustainable 100 billion+ network of borrows and lenders, to ask the hard questions about proposals and consider the perspectives of different parties involved in Truefi. I tend to focus on ideas that are time and risk efficient to implement, either because they have high potential returns or can easily fit into the existing workflow.

Truefi has a considerable amount of unused capital and effectively putting that to use will be a high priority for me. I will also advocate for measures to lower fees for small users, such as L2s.

I have no conflicts of interest and am available to answer any questions here or on DIscord.


Thrilled to welcome you as TrueFi’s very first delegation proposal, @rattlecage! You’ve indeed been super involved in both our community and governance, and though I plan to continue voting my own stkTRU, you have my endorsement!

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I appreciate the endorsement. I plan to be on tomorrows call as well if anyone has any questions.

I would especially be interested to hear from people who are looking to delegate on the issues they are concerned about.

Adding my Tally link for anyone interested in delegating.

Thanks @hal for the tip on changing Tally names.

Just saw @rattlecage’s fantastic DAO discussion summary, linked below. Loving these kinds of contributions from TrueFi community members, and thought it deserved a special shoutout!