Hyper88 Borrow Request

Dear TrueFi community,

Hyper88 is a Singapore-based FinTech company focused on alpha focus algorithmic trading within the cryptocurrency markets. Our solutions derive from our quantitative trading experience within the broader markets which have helped us generate stable returns for our investors. On a monthly average, we are able to achieve >10% returns in both bull and bear markets.

Hyper88 was founded by two individuals who had previously actively traded within the financial markets. We derive our edge from having data from early 2015 and focus on constantly using machine learning to improve our models automatically. Currently, we are managing around $10 million USD AUM.

Since this will be our first loan, the terms we are looking for are as follows:

  • Loan Amount: $500k
  • Term: 60 days
  • Rate: 15%

The main usage of the funds is to expand our trading books on Binance. Our strategy has been live since last year post covid and has managed to stay consistently profitable during the last two weeks of drawdown. We have survived all crashes and we strongly believe we will continue to do so as long as volatility persists.

Thank you and please let us know if there are any questions.


Snapshot of our PnL for the past 90 days. Happy to share API access for further validation.

Time Stamped Pnl SS on Twitter.

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Profitable MM strategy when market drawdowns hard.

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Support! Legit traders. Smaller outfit, but good to get them started on some lending I reckon.


Great to have you here! Chatting through other onboarding steps on TG right now :pray:t2:

i support this borrow request

May 2021 +11.26%

this honestly seems like fraud

Happy to keep funds in Truefi custody if required. All we need is trading rights.

Performance update:

June 2021 +2.3%