[TFIP-13] Proposal for TrueFi Community Moderators Contract Extension

I trust this pproposal finds you well. Our names are Joseph Appolos (@solexj1000) and Emmanuel Boamah (@emmagh), and we have been actively involved as community moderators for TrueFi since April 2022.

Over this period, we’ve demonstrated our dedication, commitment, and contribution to the growth and well-being of the TrueFi community. Our contract, managed through Archblock, concluded in December 2023.

Current Status:
Contract Start Date: April 2022
Payment: $250/month per person
Names: Joseph Appolos and Emmanuel Boamah
Discord Usernames: @solexj1000 and @emmagh
Telegram Usernames: @Josh_EJ75 and @Dorizay
Salary Management: Handled by Archblock (up until December 2023)

Recent Developments
Archblock, our previous salary manager, officially communicated their non-involvement in our contract post-December 2023 Per Archblock’s suggestion, we are reaching out diectly to TrueFi to address our contract extension.

Our Contributions
During our tenure, we successfully managed various responsibilities:

  • Providing continuous support and addressing queries, particularly during the NFT campaign.
  • Ensuring the community’s safety and spam-free environment on Discord, actively preventing scams.
  • Engaging the community chat to keep it active and alive.
  • Overseeing the Telegram group, refining announcements, maintaining open communication, and fostering an engaged community.
  • Assisting with marketing tasks as needed.

Contract Extension Request

  1. We propose a 6-month contract extension, effective through June 2024.
  2. Our request is to continue our services as community moderators for TrueFi.

Payment Details

  1. We propose to be compensated from the DAO treasury.
  2. Payment in TRU tokens is preferable for both parties and also based on the DAO treasury funds.
  3. ETH Address - SolexJ1000: 0x79aB78Fe4b4B166da1B868527E587bc9b8B6A3AE
  4. ETH Address - emmagh: 0xc2069e336596adbef917d8af715610f221d848db
  5. We suggest utilizing Sablier (https://sablier.com/) for payment streams. We propose a $500/month stream for six months ($250/person).

Additional Information
We’re kindly requesting WALLFACER Lab’s assistance in setting up the technical details of the proposal, including integrating the Sablier payment stream.

Our availability and commitment remain unwavering, and we are open to any discussions to align our terms with TrueFi’s expectations. We are flexible in adjusting our roles and responsibilities based on the evolving needs of the community.

We believe our experience, achievements, and familiarity with the TrueFi community uniquely position us to continue contributing effectively. We eagerly await your favourable response and the opportunity to elevate TrueFi further.

Best Regards,

Joseph Appolos (@solexj1000)
Emmanuel Boamah (@emmagh)


Why Truefi don’t operate on twitter why forum and new board member we need to know there agenda the coin is lacking behind all other RWA

I support this proposal.

@SolexJ1000 and @dorizay are contributing to the community by effectively moderating discussions. Unless there are objections or requests to this proposal I advocate for transitioning the conversation to an on-chain vote promptly.


Proposal posted.


Proposal has been executed.

Thank you for seeing it through.:handshake:


Thank you for your dedication and hard work.


Thank you kaimi for your support


@SolexJ1000 very happy to know this (and you) have been taken care of!

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