TChairman Delegate Platform

Name: TChairman
Wallet: 0xBb629C1c966326247a8cf136a244A2aF1EF4B236
ENS: tchairman.eth
Discord: tchairman#7571

Over the past couple of years, lending has been demonstrated as a massive value-creating use case for smart contracts. The TrueFi protocol is the key that will unlock over $7 trillion (that’s $7 thousand billion) of real-world lending and bring it onto the blockchain. To do this we will need to combine the best features of DeFi idealism and institutional conservatism. I will be a voice that votes in favor of:

  • Institutional-level trust and security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Pragmatic and minimal use of centralization when necessary

Many in the crypto world feel strongly that we don’t need regulation, don’t want KYC, and everything should be decentralized. These are hugely powerful ideas, but as with a hammer, not everything is a nail. To attract institutional funds, we will need to cater to their needs, and shepherd them slowly to the new world of blockchain openness.

In Web1, I wrote the first the Ad Server, and chaired the IAB technical committee that created the first ad impression counting standard. During Web2 I built and sold a data analytics company. I was an early advisor to TrustToken, and a SAFT investor. I currently serve as Chairman of the Board, and Chief Strategy Officer.


Love it, thank you Tom! We absolutely need this represented in the DAO.