MediciCrypto Delegate Proposal

Key Info

Name: MediciCrypto

Delegate Address: 0x51ae5A026d6aDF7d33F7C215CdD893866020aba2

Forum: @MediciCrypto

Discord: MediciCrypto#7019

Core Values

Build efficiently, but build safely

Be accountable - especially when working asynchronously

Be passionate about your mission

Delegate Statement

I am a lender and staker on TrueFi and am passionate about the convergence of TradFi & DeFi. The efficiencies of blockchain technology are becoming more apparent to big banks (see JPM’s evolution on the topic). I believe early adopters will begin to greatly outcompete competitors and TrueFi is well positioned to welcome TradFi institutions.

I’ve also been active with other DAOs as an advisor, working not only on the policy side but assisting with structural implementation (entity formation, discord structures, working group formations, etc). I’ve been very impressed with TrueFi’s steady approach so far and am really looking forward to becoming active in the various committees that have been proposed.

I plan on providing my analysis on every material TrueFi proposal so that those who have delegated votes to my address can provide comments & feedback.


Hey! Thanks for posting. If you link your eth account to Tally, you can have your name show up in the delegates list: Tally | Eip155:1:0x585cca060422ef1779fb0dd710a49e7c49a823c9 | Voters