[Delegate] Hal Feewet Delegation

Hal Feewet Delegation

ENS: halfeewet.eth
Address: 0x25Eb8e48Af083b7db8E590Cfc56Eea2Ad1306E52
Twitter: https://twitter.com/halfeewet
Forum: @hal

Core Values

  • Creation of decentralized and open systems
  • Transfer of protocol growth to value accrual for TRU holders
  • Advocate for community discussion and feedback

Delegate Statement

I have worked on TrueFi from day 0 - starting as a technical lead for smart contract engineering and moving to a product manager role. My primary goal is to develop and support tokenomics improvements that drive lending volume and increase protocol revenue. I will assure that TrueFi continues to grow and can support a broad set of stakeholders.


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